Dubby, born Caleb Joyce, hails from the historical town of Gettysburg, Pa.  There isn’t much in the way of musical influence in the south central region of the keystone state, especially when it comes to hip-hop.


“I’ve always wanted to be surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a fast paced lifestyle, with other like-minded individuals who dream big and understand the importance of connecting.  There isn’t much of that where I am from.  Just complacency.”


When beginning his freshman year of college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Dubby decided to take the industry on as a solo artist after formerly recording with rap group, Burg City.  It’s been 6 years since then and the 25-year old artist/entrepreneur has grown leaps and bounds.

Dubby has opened for a plethora of respected artists including Big Sean, Futuristic, Tyga, Kid Ink, B.o.B, Cam Meekins, Talib Kwali and the list goes on.  He also released his first solo album in 2016 entitled “Heart & Havoc” and even more recently, he dropped a buffer project entitled “Fold Out Chair” which he gave to his fans for free.

Along with the extensive music catalog, Dubby began Team Loko Apparel while studying at IUP, which was a way to unify his fan base through fashion.  The once “artist merchandise” look, transformed into a unique and modern streetwear brand over the last two years.  Dubby’s music remains the core of the brand in its entirety, but the apparel line has held its own by implementing quality fabrics and stitching in their latest collections.


“Honestly, my roommate and I came up with Team Loko in the dorm room 3 weeks before opening for Big Sean.  We just rolled with it.  It works.  It’s funny, because I’ve calmed down a lot since my college days, so the name doesn’t stick like it used to, but we still rep it.  Team Loko has become much more since its beginnings.”


Dubby’s tag line goes like this.  “We enKourage the Krazy.”  I don’t think he is referring to the Johnny Knoxville type of crazy, but more of a “if you have an eccentric idea, shoot for the stars” type of motif. 

Dubby is aiming to drop his second album in early 2018 after he moves to Atlanta as well as a collection of new items for the apparel line.  This is clearly just the start of something memorable. With a motivated team at his six and relentless determination, the possibilities are endless.  Prepare yourself.  Go Loko or stay sane. #TLA